Reminders and New Photos


Reminders about class times in July:

  • The dojang won’t be open on July 5th – enjoy your 4th of July weekend!
  • We’ll be having our annual swimming pool training on July 19th. More details coming soon.

More photos:

The new floor has been installed, and it looks – and feels – fantastic! Our dojang is feeling more and more like our very own space as we continue to make improvements, including displays of trophies and photos.

New Floor!

Check out this picture from last month of our students working on practical self defense techniques, and you can see how much we’ve improved our training hall:

Practical Self Defense

Another thing we’re really enjoying about our new location is the opportunity to take our training outside the dojang more often. Master Hwang likes to start classes off with a short run through the La Placita complex, and when we want a change of terrain we can train outside on the grass:

Basic Movements